life is a battle

and I will accept the fight

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Lately God is really investing Himself in our relationship, revealing things to me which earlier I could not accept. One of these things is a new understanding how spirit and reason are related. The first thing He teaches me is that spirit must always be given priority over reason. Reason is meant primarily for earthly things, like for building a house and for organizing a project or something. Spirit I need primarily for my relationship with God, but it also stretches out into every other area of my life. At this point it also appears to me that spirit is ALWAYS perfect. That is natural, because the spirit in me is the breath of God. To have spirit means to have freedom in this world, and to enjoy it innocently only. The spirit conveys the innocence of Christ to us, there is no way to lead a life with only little sin without following the spirit.

I'm seeing a lot of love in this. God gives me a share of Himself once more, like He does with a few other things as well. I'm feeling like I am reaching my telos, my meaning. I am becoming the one I shall become. It's deeply liberating. It's getting to the point where I feel real satisfaction in my faith ... I've had faint pieces of this before, but this is a new level of it. A central piece was always missing. But now I feel more complete.


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