life is a battle

and I will accept the fight

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a visit with the czech
Today me and dad went eating and shopping in the Czech Republic again. It was good, but not as good as usual. I had spaghetti with a meat and paprika and onions sauce; the menu said something about a meat sauce so I expected something like spaghetti bolognese, but it was something else entirely. Well, it was ok but next time I'm gonna order something different.

In the afternoon I felt miserable and doubting and worrying, but later today I suddenly found myself desiring to make some music, so I picked up my bass and had a good time. I'm glad I got that bass last year, it's much better than my old one and plays easily.

I've been talking with my mom about my wanting to move to Chemnitz, and she's ok with it but she thinks I don't have enough money for this. And I fear she's right. Right now things are really nice moneywise, I have enough for myself and can afford some movies, games and books now and then, but if I live for myself again I won't be able to do this anymore. And I'm also afraid of getting lonely again. Here in Epppendorf I have my mother, but in Chemnitz I would need to find myself some good friends first. Though moving there is only a question of time, my parents are getting old and some day I'll simply have to get out here again.


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